Each Kind of Slot Machines Offers Different Payout Percentage

The rules of slot machines are pretty easy: you choose a slot, insert a coin and push the button. If lights flash and the bells ring, it means that you are lucky and have won the prize. If you consider slot machines to be not a kind of entertainment, but a way to make money, than you might be curious about slot payout percentage. It can vary from one slot machine to another.

Facts about Slot Payout Percentage

First of all, you should know there is a certain payout percentage in every slot machine. The payback percentage is controlled by the law and is fixed. It can vary from 94% to 99%. That means when you insert $100, you can expect the winning from $94 to $99 appropriately. The slot payout percentage is shown on the slot machine, so before you start playing, you should choose the machine with the highest payback rate.

There are a lot of "foolproof" playing strategies, which are claimed to influence the payout percentage - it is nonsense. The result combination of symbols is completely random. The payouts are programmed in the factory, where the slots are manufactured. As the result neither a player nor a casino can affect the payback.

Slot machines have no memory. Due to this fact, a winning combination can appear any time. So, the belief that slots, which have not paid off for a long period, will pay out soon is false. It can continue not hitting a winning combination for the same period of time.

Earlier the slot machines near the casinos' entrance were said to pay out more frequently. However, it is not a rule and most casinos have no need to draw attention of passer buyers.

Slot Payout Percentage Depends on the Type of a Slot

In most cases the payout percentage depends on the type of a slot machine. The more favorable playing conditions for players are - the lower payback percentage is.

  • The real chance to win a big reward at slot games is given by flat top slots that have a fixed jackpot. Their odds and paybacks are promising as well.
  • Progressive slot machines have the mutual jackpot that is growing with each spin of any linked slot. The jackpot of this type of machines is very attractive and the payout percentage is high as well.

Major Millions was the first progressive jackpot slot machine with the reward of million dollars. Its prizes start at $250,000. The jackpot can be higher than a million dollars.

Megaz Bucks slot machine's progressive jackpot starts at 5 million dollars. It is the minimum sum of a jackpot that can be hit.

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