Pay Table

Before playing slots, it would always be smart to read what the pay table has to say first. The payable is the table that lists out every potential payout in slots and will even show every symbol combination's payout for the amount of coins you bet.

Now, the three-reel pay tables and the five-reel pay tables might look slightly different from one another, but they still have important information on them that every slots player can avail of.

The Different Pay tables

When it comes to classic three-reel slots, the orange has the most value as symbol and because of this, it is considered as the symbol for the jackpot. Three colored columns exist, which are marked with one coin, two coins and three coins. In order to get the coin jackpot of 2500, you have to bet three coins. The jackpots of two coins are only worth 1200 and the jackpots of one coin are only worth 600 - remember that.

The pay tables of five-reel slots look a bit different; the wild symbol or substitute has a clear mark and different payout information for different symbols and free spins can also be seen. So, each time you find a new machine, it would be smart to check out its pay table prior to playing on it. This goes for both online and land-based slot games.

The Importance of a Pay table

If you take some time to read every slots game's pay table before playing, you will learn a lot about the machines, in general. As a matter of fact, this can help you become a full-fledged expert at the game!

One quick look at a pay table will tell you whether there are any scatter symbols, multiplier symbols, bonus symbols and wild symbols in its machine. Usually, slots games that have bonus features have short explanations on their pay tables, too. So, if slots have bonus games or free spins, their pay tables will normally tell you the amount of free spins available and which multiplier values they use.

This way, you can find out which potential winning combinations exist and how much money each one will payout in the end - vital information that you need to know before playing slots.

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