Microgaming happens to be a very big software provider for online gaming nowadays. As a matter of fact, their current slogan essentially talks about what their gambling enterprise actually entails. They offer up gaming platforms suitable for any game play level imaginable and because of this, they have 120 casinos today and 40 poker rooms, to boot. They are actually the ones who began the whole online craze as they developed the very first viable platform of online gambling back in 1994. Ever since then, Microgaming's gambling innovation, gaming experience, and reliability have put them on the top of their industry, ahead of the rest of the competition out there.


As of the moment, Microgaming has more than 300 poker and casino games within its wide portfolio and a lot more games coming up, for that matter. This doesn't just include the regular games that can be found in the majority of casinos online that Microgaming offers things up for, either, but also includes games with live dealers and the world's famous progressive jackpots. It can even be said that any game, which online players have seen before, have already been featured within casinos of Microgaming.

One important hallmark of good industry leaders of online gaming would be the overall ability to deal with high volumes of traffic online. Well, Microgaming has been able to establish itself as one such industry leader within this particular respect. Plus, it deals with an incredibly high amount of online traffic. Their creative business solutions keep evolving along with their wide operation, as well, and the important infrastructure made to deal with Microgaming's demands on resources is currently enough to keep growing in the future.

Land-Based Microgaming

Another thing that makes Micogaming better than the rest of the competition is its ability to be land-based. With Betstone, their own land-based software, casino owners can set up networked machines to one another and provide good gaming actions similar to their versions online. Betstone has bundles, which casino owners are able to put to use on personal machines or in machines that stand-alone and run the programs of Microgaming. Because of this, casino owners get a vast array of opportunities in order to offer up top gaming action to their clients. The greatest part is that their system can be found all over the world, like with the other software and platforms of Microgaming.

Microgaming has already established various partnerships with different industry experts to ensure that clients on each level will get the care that they deserve. If entry-level players are searching for a certain game, for example, or casino owners are looking to profit from solid programs and software, Microgaming would be a great place to begin.

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