The founders of Cryptologic were Mark and Andrew Rivkin back in 1995. These brothers came up with a mechanism that could conduct financial transactions safely over the Internet. After that, they worked their way backwards in order to develop gaming software online that could use their mechanism for financial transactions. Therefore, the very first casino online, InterCasino, was able to appear by 1996. After the passing of UIGEA in 2006, however, it left the U.S. market and nowadays, its casinos no longer accept U.S. players.

The Available Games

Cryptologic happens to be the second biggest online game supplier and it keeps adding more than 20 games to its personal suite every year. The whole casino game spectrum is covered here, including table and card games, slots and video poker. The table and card games include blackjack and roulette, but Cryptologic mostly focuses on slots. In fact, it is known as the gaming leader of branded slots. Such games take brands that already exist from various other platforms of entertainment and make slots games online based on such brands.

Cryptologic even worked with Marvel to make superhero-based slots, several popular games of which feature the Hulk and Spiderman. More recently, they worked with Paramount to make slots with Paramount movie characters in them. Cryptologic progressive slots don't normally provide big million-dollar payout, but they have introduced a brand new concept of sharing jackpots for different games.

The Software

The Cryptologic software of online casinos also provides features that are currently popular in the online gaming industries. Cryptologic casinos usually use multiple currencies and languages, as well, and their software can be played instantly or downloaded. Other features include auto play, games customization and history tracking. Right now, Cryptologic would be the only software out there that gives customers their own player avatars, which can be chosen from different persona sets and which will appear on each player's screen.

Cryptologic software already received various awards from different interest groups, by the way. It even got an award for its recent release of the King Kong slot game. A lot of top online casinos today are Cryptologic-powered, such as VIP Casino, InterCasino, Everest Casino, Casino Joy and Littlewoods Casino.

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